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Brown University and RISD Members of Fiction for Kids Bring the Magic of Reading to MLK Elementary

Greetings, readers! We have a heartening tale to share about a recent event that unfolded at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School. On October 16th, The dedicated members of Fiction for Kids from Brown University and RISD brought the magic of storytelling to the classrooms of MLK Elementary.

Over the course of the event, they engaged with students across 12 classrooms spanning kindergarten to fifth grade, presenting carefully selected narratives from the Fiction for Kids catalog. The stories conveyed important themes of friendship, resilience, and adventure, creating a meaningful connection between the storytellers and their captivated audience. This collaboration brought literature to life in a way that resonated with the students.

Our sincere gratitude extends to the readers from Brown University and RISD, including Camille Aquino, Jamiley Avila, Kimberly Cover, Julianne Ho, Helen Xie, and Xinrui Zhou. Their dedicated efforts demonstrated a commitment to enriching the lives of young readers, embodying the essence of community service through the power of storytelling.

A heartfelt acknowledgment is also due to MLK Elementary for graciously hosting this literary initiative. In particular, we’d like to thank Ms. Auger, Mr. Baxter, Mrs. Carleton, Mrs. Castelli, Mrs. Eastman, Mrs. Gonzalez, Ms. Lightfoot-Jones, Mrs. Marchetti, Mrs. Pereira, Mr. Shelton, Mrs. Simpson, Mrs. Sirois, and Ms. Tingley for welcoming us into their classrooms. The receptiveness of the students, coupled with the support from the school's administration, created an environment conducive to meaningful engagement with literature.

Special recognition goes to Rebecca Resinger, the literacy coach at MLK Elementary, whose instrumental role in organizing the event ensured its success. Her dedication to fostering a love for reading among students exemplifies the positive impact that educators can have on shaping young minds.


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