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Our Story

We have always written stories.

We started as a group of middle school girls: one month before each impending birthday, we worked together to craft a world where the birthday girl could be the heroine of her own tale. Now, we want to write your story.

Dedicated to you.

Meet the Team

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Alexandra Wong

Co-Founder, Board Member

Paige Morgan.jpg

Paige Morgan

Co-Founder, Board Member

Christina Wong.jpg

Christina Wong

Chief Executive Officer

Helen Xie.jpg

Helen Xie

Brown University Club President

Laura Romig.jpg

Laura Romig

Brown University Club Vice President

Madeline Day.heic

Madeline Day


Megan Feragne.jpg

Megan Feragne


Zoe Siegel.jpg

Zoe Siegel


Claire Diepenbrock.jpg

Claire Diepenbrock


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This could be you!

Alumni Team

Kenny Ashley, Recruiter

Sarah Alvarez, Illustrator

Julie Benbassat, Illustrator

Marilyn Bravo, Translator, Editor → NIH

Sarah Britt, Chief Editor, Accountant → Deloitte

Vanessa Calouro → SJSU

Jonathan Chang, Project Manager

Victoria Chavez, Translator → Brown University M.A. Candidate

Joshua Chan, Writer

Tiffany Chiu, Cover Illustrator

Wendy Cohen, Editor

Amber Czesnolowicz, Illustrator

Shanelle DeJournett, Writer
Alicia DeVos, Writer

Natalie Elliott, Illustrator

Lisa Fasol, Illustrator

Lucas Fried, Translator

Giselle Garcia, Writer

Emily Henning, Translator

Eileen Holland, Illustrator

Lauren Ho, Writer

Madison Janes, Illustrator

Vanessa Kao, Writer

Angie Kang, Illustrator

Mariah Kenna, Writer

Chandler Lougee, Writer

Julie Le, Writer

Kevin Lee, Illustrator

Tina Li, Graphic Designer

William Martin, Writer

Nicole Martinez, Writer

Gabriel Matesanz, Illustrator

Bryce Morgan, Writer

Kimsa Nguyen, Recruiter, Editor → CHSU-COM M.D. Student

Shelby Nicholas, Illustrator/Animator

Tylyn Page, Editor

Christina Qi, Illustrator

Ariel Qian, Writer

Trish Razunguzwa, Witer

Rachel Rodrigues, Editor

Ella Rosenblatt, Illustrator

Claire Schlaikjer, Illustrator/Animator

Anita Sheih, Writer, Editor

Celina Sun, Editor

Kitri Sundaram, Writer

Yannan Tuo, Writer, Editor Spanish Translator

Marc Velayo, Illustrator

Michele Winter, Writer → UC Berkeley PhD Program

Jeanelle Wheeler, Writer → Fulbright Grant Recipient

Cherry Yang, Graphic Designer

Franco Zacharzewski, Illustrator

Lily Zhao, Editor → EY-Parthenon

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