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Kela & Sai

Kela & Sai


On the way to school, Sai runs across a baby elephant who seems determined to follow him everywhere. Join Sai as he learns the true meaning of friendship and family!

By Sarah Britt, Natalie Elliott, Lauren Ho, Angie Kang, Paige Morgan, Michele Winter, and Alexandra Wong

Age Range: Middle School
Dimensions: 5.5" H, 8.5" W
Pages: 11


在去学校的路上,赛遇到了一头小象,它似乎决心到处跟着他。 加入他们,让他们了解友谊和家庭的真正含义!

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    All sales are final. Purchasing 1 print book provides funds for Fiction for Kids to donate 2 stories to children in need. As such, we do not take any returns.

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