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Julie Le's Internship Experience with Fiction for Kids

I’m Julie, and I’ve spent the last two years as a writer for Fiction for Kids, the greatest and most impactful organization of which I have been a part. Growing up, I have always loved reading and writing: it was my way of creating worlds and history. It was my way of creating generations of leaders and heroes that looked, felt, and experienced the same things I did. As I grew older, I continued to create characters and worlds that reflected my experience as a queer Asian American. FFK gave me the opportunity to address issues I see in my community and help kids connect with characters that look like them and share similar experiences. FFK has helped me explore my storytelling methods, and I am so grateful to inspire creativity while providing hope and love needed to get through tough times.

My first story, “Saving Sarah” is about a police woman equipped with an artificially intelligent and overly sarcastic motorcycle. She’s set on a mission to rescue a hostage, and you’ll have to read the story to find out what happens! Once that first story was out, the rest came just as quickly.

“Molly the Otter” is a story of pollution. Follow Lily and Molly as they venture through the ocean and find ways to prevent pollution of the world’s ocean.

“The Dragon Knight” (SNEAK PEEK) is a story in the makings about a once glorious kingdom that lost their crown princess, throwing the kingdom into chaos. A prophecy, delivered by a dragon called Kashikoi, proclaims that only a true and brave knight will be able to rescue the princess. Brave and mysterious knight, Sage Ortiz, arrives hoping to rescue the kingdom and princess. Look out for our upcoming publication to read a fun twist in the classic damsel in distress trope. Follow us and continue to support our work to find out more!

Please donate to FFK to support our work and ability to continue sharing our stories and works!

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