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40 Stories & Stuffed Animals for the Sacramento RMH in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Hoping everyone is staying safe and healthy! This year, Fiction for Kids headed north to the Ronald McDonald House Charity in Sacramento, CA to donate enough story and stuffed animal packages to accommodate each of the families staying at the Sacramento RMH.

This year, we donated 40 English stories, including Rocky Saves the Day, Same Spots, A Seal's Search, and Wingless. We also donated an additional 10 Spanish editions, including Rocky Salva el Dia (Rocky Saves the Day) and Vuelo sin Alas (Wingless' Flight).

Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic, Fiction for Kids has been working hard to support the children throughout California. A huge thank you to Vanessa Martinez for helping to make this donation happen! We hope our donation will bring joy to all the children and families staying at the Ronald McDonald House!


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