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Caring for Terra Wins Children's Literature Prize

Fiction for Kid's illustrated picture book, "Caring for Terra," has won the prestigious Beth Lisa Feldman Prize in Children's literature in the Spring 2023 Literary Arts Prizes from Brown University's Department of Literary Arts.

The story, written by Alexandra Wong and illustrated by Shelby Nicholas, follows the friendship of Sarah and Terra, who share a special bond. However, Terra falls sick due to the harmful effects of industrial pollution and overplanting of crops. Sarah takes it upon herself to investigate the root cause of Terra's illness and is determined to save her friend.

According to the judges:

"Caring for Terra" is a cautionary tale about how human action can undermine our environment, but one laced with hope and a call for action. Through compassion and reason, we learn, we can overcome the challenges caused by industrial pollution and nurture nature back to health. The evocative artwork complements a light rhythmic voice through which the narrative unfurls. How we treat the earth is made understandable, and the stakes are made personal in such a way that this story-book may help to educate both the youngest readers as well as the adults who might read it to them.

"Caring for Terra" is an essential addition to any children's book collection. Its powerful message is conveyed through an engaging and relatable story that encourages readers to be responsible global citizens and take action to protect the environment. Find the story here!

Congratulations to our volunteers Shelby Nicholas and Alexandra Wong for their incredible work!


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