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Fiction for Kids Story Time at Rochambeau Library

This past Saturday, Fiction for Kids brought the joy of reading and important life lessons to children and families at the Rochambeau Library in Providence, RI. Our Story Time event featured seven dedicated volunteers reading an assortment of our children's books touching on themes like resilience, appreciating differences, teamwork, and consent.

The event kicked off with "When Poppy Lost Her Petals," a heartwarming tale about a flower facing illness with courage. This was followed by "The Bright Side of the Moon," celebrating how being different can be a beautiful thing. "The Great Maple Falls Bake-Off" demonstrated the power of creative problem-solving as a team.

Other stories included "Wingless' Flight," "Pottle, the Glowing Axolotl," "Flying Colors," and the playfully titled "Henrietta Cuddle Doesn't Want to Snuggle" - an insightful book about the importance of consent, even when it comes to hugs and snuggles.

At Fiction for Kids, we believe in inspiring the next generation through thoughtfully selected literature imparting positive values. Events like this allow us to share those messages while also promoting childhood literacy in a fun, family-friendly way.

We're so grateful to the Rochambeau Library for hosting us and giving local children a chance to get lost in these imaginative tales. Special thanks to Laken Hottle and Sneha Tallam for coordinating this event and making it possible! Thank you as well to our amazing volunteers for their time and talented read-alouds.

We can't wait for our next Story Time to continue nurturing young readers and imaginations. Keep an eye on our website and social media for upcoming events in your area!


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